Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More ISIS barbarity..WARNING...GRAPHIC...

The barbarity you see in the above pic was carried out by ISIS in the Syrian city of Palmyra.  The victim was an 82 year old antiquities expert associated with the Assad govt (story here).

What's worse?  This madness has already reached our shores but got little attention.  What am I talking about?  Check this out from the New York Post back in 2014.
A fired Oklahoma factory worker inflicted a brutal, ISIS-style punishment on colleagues he tried to convert to Islam — cutting one woman’s head off with a 10-inch fillet knife, law-enforcement sources said Friday.
Many of my readers believe that ISIS is a creation of the US/Allies/Saudi Arabia.  I can't go that far.  What I do know is that this beast must be put down.  Social engineering, feel good stories, weak moral standards, etc...will not keep this beast at bay.

Do I want boots on the ground over there?  Fuck no.  But we've got to come up with a more effective strategy than we have.  What we're doing is just not working.

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