Friday, September 11, 2015

What happened to the Kamaz Typhoon 63969?

Do you remember the Kamaz 63969?  Before the current crop of vehicles appeared...ranging from the Armata, to the Boomerang and new BMP3 derivatives there was the Kamaz 63969.

It offered blast protection, was fast, from what I've read on Russian forums comfortable and it was slated to be used by internal security forces.

But that was then.  Since around mid 2014 we haven't heard a thing about it. Has it been canceled?  To add to this mystery Kamaz was working on a vehicle that had the same name, offered similar features but was seen in the May Day parade.

Russian vehicle intel and classification is desperately needed.  Bring back the CIA data books!

Sidenote:  If that isn't enough Kamaz has an additional MRAP type vehicle that is to fulfill the same role but is a bit smaller...the Kamaz 53949...


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