Thursday, July 15, 2010

A disgusting end to a ship in a revolutionary class.

What a terrible end to a ship that started the LHD class of ships.  I wonder why our old LST's could be sold to foreign navies but our LPH's and LHA's are sunk instead.


via the Australian Ministry of Defense website.


  1. Any more details Sol?

    Whats the ships name?
    is this a SINKEX

  2. According to Wiki its probably the USS New Orleans LPH-11 sunk during RIMPAC 2010.

  3. The me, interesting history full of action in interesting places

    Interesting that the were the first purpose designed LPH but the RN had used converted light carriers (Ocean and Theseus) for some time, the first helicopter amphibious assault being carried out b the Royal Marines in the Suez operation in the fifties

    The end of a ship is always sad but it is inevitable and I suppose you might as well get some training value out of it!

    I suppose it also shows the awesome power of modern missiles and torpedos

  4. Hey guys,

    That's a Mk 45 Mod 2 127mm gun in action there...

    She copped about 200 rounds of 3 inch (76mm) and 5 inch (127mm) ammunition and sunk in less than 20 minutes....

    Definitely a Sinkex. I agree it's sad to see a grand old girl go like this. Much better to use it as a dive platform or some such, if it HAS to go. You can shoot the crap out of a cheap enough pontoon and get the same training value out of it...



  5. We could send every high school senior in the U.S. to a four year college or buy one ship like this one.


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