Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BAE pulled a fast one. The Marine Personnel Carrier has been redesigned!

BAE is a slick company.  Slick as in smooth and for those that aren't paying attention they'll fail to notice simple little things.

Like the way they redesigned the vehicle.  Check this out.  The before Marine Day photo...
And now a pic of the vehicle as it was presented at Modern Day Marine (photo is courtesy of DefenseNews)...

Let me tell ya something boys and girls.  That's an entirely new vehicle.  Completely different than the one that they were modeling before.

Lets take it from the front back.  The front end has been totally redesigned.  I'm guessing but I'm betting that it has better water performance now.  Notice the lights have been moved, the front is more take a look at the suspension.  I don't know whats going on there but its been totally redesigned too.  Additionally and I can't tell because I haven't seen a photo of the top of the vehicle but I would bet its changed too.  Notice the RWS system?

We're looking at the VBTP on roids.  That means a high degree of automotive parts.  That also means they're gonna make this a price war.

The only real question left is this.  The Italian Marine Corps has a requirement for a MPC too.  Are they going to be offered the same vehicle as the USMC or is IVECO doing something unique for them?

Either way all the major defense writers missed the really big news.  BAE made an ass out of them and switched up vehicles and none of them noticed.

Below you see a pic of the Brazilian VBTP.  If I recall correctly, they are looking at producing an 8x8 version.  I think we're seeing a two-fer here.  IVECO/BAE get to leverage the USMC Marine Personnel Carrier Program with development of the VBTP 8x8.  Brilliant.  But a look at the current VBTP and the model on display indicates that they refined it.  Attention will now turn to the VBTP and see if we see a version 2.0.  This is getting good!


  1. Your BAE love is verging on "fanboy" :) But I appreciate your enthusiasm.

  2. dude i don't love BAE. what i do is recognize that when it comes to the Marine Corps armored vehicles only 3 companies have a legit chance of producing something worthwhile. Lockheed Martin, BAE and General Dynamics. GD is mailing it in, i haven't seen much on the Havoc lately and i just got this.

    so please feel free to pound sand with this supposed BAE fanboy stuff.

    1. oh and take some time to look at armored vehicles worldwide. BAE has the most dynamic design bureau going. so again. pound sand. i'm only calling it the way i see it.

  3. two question regarding the vehicle,
    is the engine exhaust grill placed on the left side of vehicle ? if yes does it make it vulnerable or a weak spot.

    1. sorry for the late reply. yeah. its a weak spot on two points. first it looks like it will radiate heat so its going to light up under IR and second will it leak?

  4. No offence but that's the same vehicle model with a RWS but without the modular armour panels.

  5. Their 'official literature' states that the internal volume has been upped and main cabin height increased to account for the fact that Marines are bigger than most of the European soldiers who its been originally designed for.

    The suspension changes would be to accommodate the extra weight and center of gravity change from this action. The front end re-design seems more aesthetic than anything. Also stated that the engine will remain the same but has capability to be boosted to 750 hp to counteract performance loss from add-on armor etc.

    Hope that helps.

  6. disagree with you on a couple of points. when a vehicle has to enter the water, survive state 2 sea conditions and self right if overturned then a redesign of the hull is any thing but aesthetic.

    it will directly affect how it handles in the water. additionally you wouldn't have to do a major rework to the suspension system just to accomodate the extra weight of a squad of Marines that were all 99th percentile. quite honestly its suppose to be able to hold a manned turret so the statement that wouldn't facilitate a need to increase suspension just cause US Marines are bigger.

    the engine is good news and i can see that BAE is really just aiming at commonality when they eventually bid for the AAV upgrade and the ACV later on.

    BAE is good. these guys are sharp and they're playing long ball.

    i want to see what Lockheed Martin does. this is getting interesting to me.

  7. really I do not understand how you can say this is a totally new design.
    The only real difference is in the external chassis . Suspensorien are exactly the same so as the engine. Extra weight is a nonsense: technically there are strict limitations to guarantee floating capability. (max 26 tons for the larger version, 3 meters wide, of the SUperAV... and it does not change fot the mpc)
    If at BAe wanted to design a totally new vehicle they would not need IVECO design!

    1. they're using Iveco supply chains and parts system to keep costs down as well as many of Iveco's heavy truck parts. they're trying to kill this on costs.


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