Sunday, November 04, 2012

LVTP-6. The missing link in amtrack development.

The LVTP-6 has been a source of personal confusion for a number of years.  Marine Corps development of the LVTP series of vehicles in service always left off "6" and for the longest time I wondered why.  Luckily a look back at US Army Armored Personal Carrier development revealed the missing link.

While FMC was developing the M59 for the US Army, the Marine Corps also had a requirement for an amphibious vehicle with the same cross country and protection requirements.  The only caveat was that it needed to be amphibious.

Again, info is spotty so performance details on the LVTP-6 in water is unknown.  What I can tell you is that it appears that a number of these vehicles were produced and tested (including a fire support version). On a sidenote, the LVTP-6 is often confused with the LVTH-6...the fire support version of the LVTP-5.

Fire Support Version of the LVTP-6.
LVTH-6.  Based off the LVTP-5, it was perhaps the most successful of the LVTP-5 versions.

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