Monday, February 10, 2014

Mike Sam and the real issue with "gay" agenda.

The Mike Sam issue crystallizes the gay agenda to me in a nutshell.

If I walked down the street and Mike Sam was coming from the other direction I could tell that he's African American.  I could tell that he is an athletic guy.  And if I was within earshot I could tell if he was well spoken or not.


And that's why I have so much heartburn with the gay agenda.

I don't give a damn who Mike Sam or anyone else is screwing behind doors (as long as they're adult and a willing participant).  I don't need to know and don't want to know.

But for some reason the gay community is insisting on finding the tallest rooftop and having athletes or whatever is the flavor of the month to do so.

Dirty secret about Sam?  He's a bubble player.  NFL Analyst say that he's a third day draft pick.  NOT THIRD ROUND!  THIRD DAY!

This guy is going to have to bust his butt to make an NFL roster and all he's doing is using his sexuality to increase his chances of getting selected.

The NFL is all about winning----still.  If he can't contribute to a team winning and all he brings is a social agenda, then he won't last past training camp.

If he can then he'll win a roster spot.  And in the end that's what this should be about.  His sexuality is irrelevant.  His play is.  Sam needs to remember that.   


  1. Gays and Lesbians, like any other Left-leaning group of people, in their hearts don't really want equality so much as they want recognition and acceptance of their cause/group/beliefs/whatever.

    1. "Gays and Lesbians, like any other Left-leaning group of people..."
      Ah, the romance of silly. Ever heard of 'Log-Cabin Republicans'. And certain folks on the right in Congress.

      Amongst the most macho and hyper-male He-man warriors of USMC are a few who'd rather have the dignified opportunity to bring their boy-friend/husband to the ball rather than being forced to lie with a rent-a-girlfriend-humiliation. And we're getting there...

      Limping well behind USMC, the NFL will amongst the last national non-denominational organizations that will eventually 'get' it. It just will take many more shower-worries, locker-room panic-fits, and for some the occasional brush with personal feelings heretofore staunchly denied.

      A few more years and more thorough legal clean-up of explicitly bigoted provisions, and this will be not an issue anymore.

      And that will be as it should be. No more hysterics on any side. Who cares, really !!??

      If the NFL did not have serious institutional problems with the issue, Sam would have had no issue to point out. I hope he gets to prove in the Big League whether he is any good enough to be there. And that is the only thing that will matter to him, his agent and his club. The NFL needs to remember that.

    2. Tell it to the baker who is taken to court because he refuses to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage.

    3. And what about everybody else at the ball? Why would he previously have needed a fake girlfriend? This is absurd.

      "Explicitly bigoted provisions"? Like what? There is nothing to "get" here, it's some average player trying to use his sexuality to boost his career, like that basketball player some months ago whose name I can't even remember.

      When instead of training soldiers are forced to sit through Powerpoint "sensitivity training" on the matter of gays and lesbians, it's pretty obvious we're now ****ed up as a nation.

    4. Nuke-&-Max (don't tell me the 'background' on this one...):
      - If that baker has the same reasons why not baking for 'Darkies' or 'Micks' is cool, then he may run into some headwind on this one as well.

      So "what about everyone else at the ball" ? Do elaborate. You'd really insist on one of the two guys wearing a gown or something ??

      As for the final two paragraphs,
      - "Like what" is cute,
      - your suggestion that Sam is using being gay as a career-advance in the NFL is even 'cuter',
      - and when you don't 'get it', then you'll get some more units of instructions on the matter. Are we led to understand here that you've earned yourself a 'Frequent-Attendee' badge...

      If troop-morale on any level is undermined by casual or explicit if not de facto institutional bigotry, then the hammer comes down and you shall be instructed on the error of your ways. This level of disrespect of fellow soldiers simply can no longer be accepted under 'Boys will be boys', as it has proven to be too costly to perpetually cover for it.

      Read your Greek military history, for example, and you'd see that the issue should not have been one for many many centuries - except that certain obsessively-anti-gay folks made it one over and over again. And you seem to still dance to their corrosive tune.

      If you think that this 'gay issue' is a sign of national decay, then we may not want to depend on your particular mindset to boost its strength. Rather, the less lying in civilian and in military life because of 'unspeakables' like Mr. Sam's understanding of himself, and thus the less ugly discrimination, the stronger the nation and its institutions.

      As the former First Lady once stated so eloquently: "You say No" - in this case if your buddy in the squad may have misread signals. It seems well-established that were are not talking about any danger of an infectious condition.

    5. instead of the histrionics why not just tell us how a persons sexuality all of a sudden earns them special status? quite honestly the hyphenated America that we live in goes against the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. character not skin color. character not sexuality.

      why don't you deal with the substance of the issue instead of flying off the handle.

    6. TwentyTwenty, what if the baker doesn't want to deal with homosexuals because homosexuality is against his religion? Does the homosexuals' 'right' against discrimination trump the baker's freedom of religion? Is the baker's religious freedom invalid because it disapproves of gays and lesbians? That's what I'm getting at here. Lefty groups don't want to co-exist. They want winners and losers, with themselves as the winners.

    7. If I subscribe to a religion that says I can and should kill anyone I want, can I then kill someone and claim freedom of religion?

      All freedom of religion does is prevent the government interfering with you right to practice your religion, as long as your practice does not negatively impact others. Or else we'd all be joining a religion that said we couldn't be detained, jailed, or taxed. Freedom of religion that not allow one to break laws, and if the baker feels that strongly about it, he can shutdown his business.

      AKA, he can disapprove of gays and lesbians all he wants, but if it is against the law to discriminate against them, then he cannot do that.

      Once again, all constitutional rights have real and necessary limitations and this has been true and considered correct since the founding of the USA and the writing of the constitution.

    8. Sol, nobody is speaking of "special status".

      Sam's preemptive 'strike' was to confirm unambiguously what was rumor-milling already. And that rumor had the current NFL-culture (culture ?) assign to him a "special status".

      Sam's move forces that 'culture' to very publicly either celebrate deeply-held and team-corroding bigotries or to attempt (we'll see on that one...) to focus not on their own sexual insecurities but on his actual soberly-assessable athletic and game-tactical prowess and ability to be a solid team-player.

      So instead of histrionic locker-room chatter by (presumably) grown men, any future team's focus will be on how he can best fit into the line-up and Coach's game-plan.

      Much of these 'heart-palpitations' by bigoted (anti-gay) folks have more to do with their own challenges of an exaggerated sense of their own (presumed) sexual 'attractiveness' on the one side and likely a touch (or more) of certain uncertainties about themselves... all all too familiar from the decades-long on-going women-in-the-military arc of (mostly) 'home-made' pseudo-problems.

      I hope Sam will be at his best when he plays, and that at the end of the post-game R-&-R period, locker-room banter will be about how things went either at home or clubbing or whatever. In a balanced locker-room Sam will be able to freely talk about 'the usual problems and joys' everybody has in their off-work life except from his particular vantage-point. In that locker-room, discussing having found or lost a love will be just that.
      And then back to focus on the next game...

  2. Reading up on this the guy seemed to be low on the list and I don't think this was a great move for his career. I believe I would call this being an attention whore, due to him knowing he would be the talk up until the draft and after the draft.

    On another news story whats the deal with the government leaking its thinking of doing a drone strike on an American helping terrorists overseas?

  3. All of ESPN this morning. He is being covered more than Manzel.

  4. "With the 149th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select....."


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