Monday, February 10, 2014

Did the USMC retaliate against the Marine Corps TImes?

Huge thanks to Eric at ELP Blog for giving me the heads up on this.

via Marine Corps Times.
Marine Corps leaders have ordered the independent Marine Corps Times newspaper removed from its prominent newsstand location at base exchange stores worldwide and placed instead in areas away from checkout lines, where it is harder to find and fewer copies are available.
The move raises troubling questions about motive and closely follows a directive prohibiting commanders from using budget funds to buy Marine Corps Times and a number of other publications.
Marine Corps Times is widely recognized for its comprehensive coverage of the Corps, focusing on everything from career tracks, to pay and benefits, family and spouse issues, and employment after leaving the military.
Throughout much of the past year, the paper has published dozens of articles as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations the service’s commandant, Gen. Jim Amos, abused his authority to ensure Marines were punished for an embarrassing war-zone scandal. Numerous reports have captured the attention of mainstream media outlets, including NPR, CNN and Time magazine, among several others.
This is troubling and both the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Times comes out looking the worse because of this...

1.  The Commandant has been caught up in controversies of his own making.  Because of that and because of many decisions that he's made, he is probably the most UNPOPULAR/LEAST RESPECTED leaders that I've ever heard of.

2.  Because of #1, this move looks like retaliation against the one publication that has been all over the story of the Commandant's misconduct.

3.  Unfortunately Marine Corps Times jumped the shark this weekend in the way that they characterized a reply from HQMC to a Congressman.  I wrote a post where I actually defined Amos.  I didn't like doing it but MCT was plain wrong.

All in all, I'm beginning to detect something else that I've never seen from the Commandant's office.

A bunker mentality.

But its different in a weird way.   Its not the Marine Corps against the world (that's normal operating procedure), this time its HQMC walling itself off from the rest of the Marine Corps and attempting to regain lost trust, and respect.

Moves like this won't help. 


  1. Trying to remember if any other service has done this in the last 20-30 years.

  2. In a Nation at war with itself and outside forces the military follows suit and is at war with itself.
    The community has been organized against itself for political purposes throwing self preservation aside.

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