Friday, August 22, 2014

Know your enemy. Watch Hamas drag an executed "accused" traitor through the streets...

I've noticed that liberals, and especially the liberal news media is having a fit over ISIS beheading an American journalist.  But ISIS had been doing that for months before any of these people gave a damn.

I posted video of a man having his head sawed off on these very pages and not one liberal batted an eye.

But lets zoom back to the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

They defended those terrorists but I wonder how many have read the story and seen the above vid?

People that are merely accused of being spies are executed and as the video above shows...dragged through the streets behind motorcycles.

The reality is simple.  Savages must be put down.  Whether they're in ISIS or Hamas or Boko Haram or Tamil Tigers, etc....


  1. Quoting the classic: I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    1. In that case, you gonna need a shitload of nukes.

    2. Oh there is an shitload in magazines, just waiting to be used. But you know... I'm and S-F nerd... why not use something that don't change planet in to Fallout wonderland... why not use the Wrath of God's, kinetic rods from orbit.

  2. Sol. Possible problem.

  3. Let us not forget that the -Gaza operation is really a little sideshow. If Israel and the Palestinians were not the players it would not draw more than a few lines in the papers.
    There are some many really deadly conflicts around the world with potential escalation into really, really serious large wars that will effect millions pf people.
    The civil war in Syria is localised, if deadly (200,000 dead in three years?). The ISIL in Syria and mainly Iraq has a much more dangerous influence on the future of the whole Middle East and further out. First Iraq will disintegrate into three ethnic/religious entities. The "Caliphate" is potentially able to spread and take down Jordan, Saudi, and the Gulf states.
    Oil will be purchased in specialty stores or pharmacies all over the world at $350+ a gallon.
    Finally, the Ukrainian "civil war" will escalate with massive Russian intervention and the road leads to another Pearl Harbor.
    (with the inept handling of American policies by Obama, Kerry and Hagel) God help us all.
    Who will remember Hamas and Israel???


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