Friday, September 26, 2014

Turkey is actually a supporter of ISIS?

A reader linked to the below photos.  The first shows (according to him) Turkish border guards with ISIS fighters.  The second shows a Kurd being "welcomed" by Turkish border guards.

If this is true.  And I have not verified any of it, but if this is true then we need to seriously rethink our entire relationship with Turkey.


  1. Turkey has been the distribution point of arms to the Syrian insurgency since this whole thing began. Bengazi (remember that?) was all about the US stripping of arms from a defeated Libya, and shipping them to Turkey for distribution to ISIS and other groups fighting Assad.

  2. Solomon, I also remind you the following picture found in your previous post here in SNAFU

    ...found into...

    Also, remember the "Sharia Police" used to "patrol" in German city few weeks before? Yeah, you guessed right! Turkish migrants in Germany.

    Also. have a look here

    Also, remember Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attemps few months before to ban evil Facebook, evil Twitter and evil internet use in Turkey? Sounds like a soft Sharia, doesnt it?

    Also, have a look on nowdays Turkish president trying to kiss a boy by pulling his head off - maybe his muslim DNA comes up and he is trying to behead the boy

    At last, have a look on Adnan Oktar’s vision of a Turkish-led Islamic Union. reminds you something?

  3. I wonder how ISIS ships about 100,000 barrells daily if they don't control any ports in Syria. just saying

  4. there is so much more to this little "war" than we're being told its actually frightening. the truth would probably have us all saying fuck it. i don't know everything and i'm ready to say it. they killed TWO american citizens and we go to war? more die in Chicago everyday and we don't send in the national guard....and rightfully so. so why do we go after this group? i still say its to protect the monarchy's in Saudi and other Middle East countries. time will tell but its Obama's war now...

    1. The fire is better put down before it spread to whole forest. I don't need to remind you who is the Great Devil for those type of groups on the world don't I?

  5. PLUS for people who didn't know or might forgot, lets have a look on the following interesting pic, take few months before (May 2013). Mr John McCain having a chat with Ibrahim al-Badri (aka Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi ISIS Khaliph) and Salem Inders (one of the ISIS top army officers).

    On May 2013, Mr John McCain enter Syria through Turkish borders (near a place called Idleb) to meet leaders of "armed revolution" aka ISIS/ISIL and Islamic Fighting Group members. In following picture, Mr John McCain with Mohammad Nour who is an Al-Qaeda Syria top leader.

    Same time Mr John McCain had a friendly chat with the above mentioned ISIS top leaders, they were wanted by FBI & Interpol. For more, click

    1. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are just about the biggest assholes in Senate .

      John could/should be prosecuted for having links with the terrorists (any ordinary person would be under investigation for a fraction of the contact this ahole had)) as his pal list of terrorists he shook hands with must be longer than Bin Laden could have ever dreamed.

    2. @ Mr.T, there are ONLY two possibilities for these John McCain "meetings" with top ISIS & Al-Qaeda leaders:

      A) White House KNEW about these meetings
      B) White House DID NOT knew about these meetings

      So, I ask the following simple questions:

      1) Do you think that a US Senator (and also Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election) could travel ALL ALONE, enter Syria through Turkish borders, have some "meetings" and nobody ever been informed about it?

      2) Do you think that John McCain did all this "trip" just for tourism and have a cup of hot tea with the other people there who by the way happened to be wanted for terrorism?

      OK, I 've heared that John McCain used to be a tough guy when he was young and survived tortures when been POW and blah, blah, blah... but its really difficult to accept that a 78-yo man, walks the walk and meets ISIS all alone. I guess this is the answer to all US friends who still believe that US did not helped ISIS development during the last (at leaste) 1-2 years.

  6. @ Solomon,

    As for the picture shows a Kurd being "welcomed" by Turkish border guards, have a look few more, by the same day and location, published by Amed News Agency, followed by the subtitle "These are Turkish borders guards. That's what they did today to the Kurds at TR-SYR border"

    PS. I believe that the "JANDARMA" (Turkish border patrol) ID is visible on shield, isnt it?

    1. According to Turkish newspaper Aydinlik Daily, ISIS injured militant were treated in Turkish hospital (Hatay). Meanwhile many Turkish lawmakers accuse the Turkish administration of providing assistance to ISIS. Özkes, an important Turkish opposition figure, also said the order to host the militants in Turkish hospitals or sending Turkish medical team to Iraq and Syria was given by interior minister Muammer Güler in a circular sent to the Hatay Governor’s Office, which openly demanded assistance for ISIS fighters. Özkes alleges that official documents reveal ISIS fighters were brought by the MİT (Turkish Intelligence Service) to fight against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

      In following picture, Abu-Muhammad a top ISIL military leader injured and later transported to Turkish hospital for treatment.

  7. The first photo went viral on internet for a while now and there is no proof that they are ISIS members unless you call everyone with beard and slipper is ISIS. We have 1.5 million refugees (like this guys in photos) in our country right now.

    And for the second photo please look at these photos and enlighten us how can we deal with these prone to violence Kurds.

    They are coming to take shelter to our country yet they are attacking our security forces. (And we pay them monthly pension because they are refugees)

    Refugee problem is very serious in Turkey right now.

    That is why Turkey pressuring US and international community for NFZ and Buffer Zone for refugees in Syria but there will be none unless UN Security Council allows it.

    And lastly for your original question,

    This month US F-15 crash landed in Batman AFB, returning from bombing ISIS in Iraq and this is kept secret for security of Turkish hostages in the hands of ISIS(they are released a few days ago). So there is already support for Coalition against ISIS.

    And Turkish President already stated there will be support for Coalition both logistically and militarily.

    Enough with Turkey supports ISIS BS.

    1. those old people don't look like they were capable of attacking a kitten much less Turkish military forces. additionally while you dug deep into the Kurdish issue you brushed aside with the wave of a hand the issue with ISIS.


    2. Well i already stated that Turkey supporting Coalition against ISIS but i suppose you missed that.

      About oil smuggling issue there are daily clashes on border between ISIS/YPG and TSK. We are destroying their handmade pipelines along the border and TSK publishes this information daily from their website. (unfortunately in Turkish but you can use translate, click "önemli sınır olayları" which means major border incidents )

      And please keep that in mind Turkey has to consider more than one parameter at once in Syria lets say we hit ISIS along the border. For what? to have a neighbour like YPG(Syrian military wing of PKK) its a double edge sword for us right now.

    3. It is my strong belief, that the overwhelming majority of the Turkish people, is completely unaware of what is really happening in Turkish-Syrian borders and also ignores (and of course does not agree) with undercovered Turkish support on ISIS group. Additionally, there are published reports by German, Russian and Israeli inteligence agencies which indicates Turkish active support on FSA and later ISIS.

      Even if we accept the slight possibility that the persons posing with Turkish border guards are refuges (do they look like refuges to you?) and not ISIS members, it is quite hard to explain why (and how) it is possible for ISIS to run an "office" in Istanbul where all muslims around Europe are gathering and recruite before transported to Middle East. I wonder how it is possible and Turkish Police and Turkish Inteligence have no idea about it. It is also difficult to explain, how injured ISIS members are treated in Turkish hospitals every day (reports say about 130-150 injured per week), by the same time Turkey supposed to help US to fight against ISIS. It is also very difficult to explain how Turkish goverment members telephone calls (indicating direct support on FSA & ISIS) leaked to public..

      So, yes I agree that the "average Mohamed" Turkish civilian, might have not idea about what his country goverment actualy does. And yes, I am sure that the average Turkish citizen does not support ISIS way - but Turkish goverment does.

    4. @ jaque mesrn,

      Please have a look on the following video - any explanation/excuse is welcome. I hope this video will help us all, not to have illussions & questions about how ISIS & Al-Qaeda terrorists enter Syria from Turkey (after been recruited in Turkey).

  8. I've met Turks, don't like em, not a bit, stuck up snobbish Muslim's with an attitude.
    I'd rather they did support ISIS, makes them honest enemies instead of back stabbing pseudo allies.
    I'd say from their actions prior to the Iraq war and after they are more enemy than ally.
    Hope the Russian's deal with them sooner or later in a typical Russian fashion.

    1. Or... maybe we can realign with Russia like Egypt did.

      And you can say goodbye to your Incirlik and Kurecik bases not to mention Blacksea.

      Be careful, though, you are runnig out of allies in that part of the world.

      Wonder why...

    2. thats a pretty piss poor threat. i could care less about those bases. as a matter of fact they cost us more than they're worth. consider that even as we speak we can't launch strikes from them. so WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR?????

      as far as allies in that region...who gives a fuck. from my seat everyone except Israel is double dealing.

    3. AFAIK Turkish airspace and Incirlik AFB is in use against ISIS as we speak.

    4. actually its least for offensive air operations. why do you think the best thing the Brits can bring to the campaign is their Tankers and NOT their Tornadoes.

    5. Sorry I didnt understand what you mean?

      British Tornadoes from Akrotiri joined operations in Northern Iraq today.

    6. Iraq? Iraq is a sideshow. ISIS in Syria is the main effort and everyone knows it. don't parse statement and facts to fit your argument.

    7. Solomon,

      You are free to believe what you want but Turkey supports coalition as much as he can.

      There are unconfirmed reports from area that jets entering from Turkish airspace to Syria.
      We'll hear from official sources soon.

    8. i don't know what to believe and i haven't taken a position. i seek knowledge on this subject but i won't ignore open source materials that say x, y or z. neither will i accept outright propaganda.

      but violent messages get violent responses. i won't take fire without returning it.

      i asked a simple question. is Turkey supporting ISIS or not? quite honestly i'm seeing some stuff that says yes. the next question is why did the US see over 1500 christians killed, beheaded, raped and tortured and did nothing but two journalist die and then we suddenly decide to act.

  9. You guys know something about this?

    1. yep and its a mess. a big ugly mess. thank god for concealed carry.

  10. Let's hope this is just a random crazy dude, and not something bigger.
    BTW, there is a video on vice news about a plan to attack NY. Worth the watch or just sensationalism?

    1. i don't konw. i never have liked New York city and if it burned tomorrow i'd sit back and enjoy the flames.

    2. This made me laugh. Anyway, I will watch it and the videos about allepo tomorrow.

  11. The points about Turkey raised by "Unknown" on this thread are supported in a video called The Covert Origins of ISIS that is a collection of mainstream news reports and raw footage.

    Even if one does not agree with all of the 'opinions' presented in the clip there is still a great deal of content that cannot be explained away in terms of an independently functioning extremist organisation - as opposed to state sponsored extremists.

    Many other videos and reports reveal an open Turkish border and facilitation by Turkish authorities of arms and personnel into the war. There is a video (German TV) of jihadists assembling in a house in southern Turkey before crossing into Turkey, and reports of trucks full of arms being stopped by Turkish border guards and then let through under orders from higher up.

    The economic news site Zero Hedge recently reported that ISIS oil was being transported through Turkey and sold in Eastern Europe.

    Rather than flood the comment section with links it's better just to consider the content (incomplete though it is) in that one link above. Many people may not even bother to check it out, but it's a good starting point for those wanting to understand what is happening.

    IMHO, as a geopolitical blogger, none of the present events occurring in Iraq or Syria are a mystery. They are tied to the ongoing regime change program directed at Syria and the ouster of the Iran-friendly Maliki Government. This is why months ago you could guess that no real action would be taken to bomb those lines of Toyota pick up trucks crossing the desert in Iraq. This is why nothing significant is being done now and why we have a 'reaction' to this crisis that involves further arming of the FSA rebels, who cooperate with ISIS and Al Nusra.

    As a citizen whose Government 'representatives' commonly send forces into conflict zones I cannot help but be interested in the reasons why this is being done so that, if given the chance, I can voice my opposition if the mission looks to be a foolish one or a scam.

    Eric Palmer has labelled the Afghanistan mission Useless Dirt presumably because the task was to rout out Al Qaeda, not spend time occupying the country to destroy the Taliban who were not interested in overseas engagements.

    So is Turkey helping ISIS fighters and other extremists? Is Saudi Arabia doing the same? Does the US Government know about this and support them because of the regime change agenda push - all the while stalling on real action and selling what is an ineffective theatre show military operation to the public as if it were being serious. The evidence based answer seems to be yes.

    Final thoughts: Covert operations do occur. Things are almost never black and white. Those that remember Iran Contra will know that backdoor channels exists, and that deals can and are made, often via proxies, with our enemies in order to serve questionable strategic objectives.

  12. What and who the fuck are you,
    You (US and EU ) have been supported terrorrist groups against Turkiye as PKK , ASALA.
    This is our turn, Turkiye is growing, developing, see ,this is Big Turkey like in the past Ottoman , fear from us.

    Ohh yeahh we will fuck all traitors and factionists.

    and these are how we behave to refugees,

    Turkiye has been looked up 1.5 million refugees for 3 years.

    And this photois from when Turkiye is opening doors to refugees, factionist MPs is throving stones to soldiers.

    1. @ semih kemal,

      Your answer is really enlighting & shows a lot about the "Turkish" way (release a "smokebomb" to cover the main subject), but does not really answers our main question if Turkey supports ISIS or not. As Solomon said before, "IS YOUR COUNTRY SUPPORTING THEM OR NOT! YES OR NO!"

      As for your "how we behave to refugees in Turkey" comment, I would recomend to study some "HISTORY" first and be informed about how Turkey always "behave to refugees". In case the word "HISTORY" might not link directly to "TURKEY", please try the word "CRIMINAL RECORD" instead, which for sure link directly to your "Turkiye".

  13. I would remind everyone that this US administration has run guns to Mexican cartels for use against Mexican and US citizens without any accountability whatsoever. Does anyone really think that they're incapable of running guns, arms, advisors, and satellite intelligence to ISIS?

  14. It seems their are good terrorist and bad terrorist. Of course, IS are bad terrorist. But who are good terrorist? PKK? Which are supporter by EU, US, Armenia and Greece in special.

  15. @Solomon

    You will see how we welcome Kurdish refugees?

  16. @ Serdar E, regarding your previous comments:

    As for your ironic accusations against the EU, US, Armenia and Greece about supporting Kurds, do you really got some real evidence to show us or what you said are fictional scenarios and MIT-produced propaganda?

    Also, as for the picture you sent to show us all how Turkey welcoms refugees, when I saw the photos, I almost burst out crying - please pass my compliments to the head director of these nice-propaganda-photos. Now, to get serious, wanna also show us some real world photos about how Turkey polute EU with milions of 3rd Word illegal refuges (by the way, AAL of them are muslims) by letting them pass το EU through Turkey (with Turkish authorities help)?

    Also, have a look on the following article on AWD News, about how Islamic State announced that they are intending to inaugurate the first ISIS diplomatic mission in Istanbul in order to provide consular services for all who wish to join the extremist group in Iraq. In the same article, you ll find out that ISIS confirms that wounded ISIS militants transfered to Turkish hospitals to receive medical treatment.

    Also, feel free to read the following article by Reuters, which reveals (as Isreali Military Inteligence head Major General Aviv Kochavi said) that al Qaeda's Syria (aka ISIS) fighters set up in Turkey, at three training camps at Şanlıurfa, Osmaniye and Karaman locations. You may say that it is not true, but as far as I know, when Israeli Inteligence have an "inside info" they usualy are accurate, dont you think so?

    As a final, have a look on the following map, to see which countries are actualy supports the US-led coalition against ISIS and who actually fights these muslim religion lunatics. Maybe I am wrong, but Turkey is not actualy fights ISIS - who knows, maybe they feel some kind of muslim religion brotherhood with the beheaders

    1. Are you kidding me? Armenia and Greece are/were one of the biggest supporter of PKK. Armenia and Greece
      identity card were found on Oecalan (PKK header). Terror camps of PKK were in Greece. You can proof it, if you don't believe. Germany is source of income and recruitment. Wiki can help you if you don't believe me.

      Pjak (sister party of PKK in Iran) is not on terrorist list by USA! They are supported by Israel and USA. Proof it.Actually, we have 1.5 mio refugees from Iraq and Syria. You can ask unesco or other UN institution how we treat the refugees. Btw, how many refugees do your country take?

      You don't like our "propaganda foto"? I guess people like you have better ones. People/county's like you are no more trustworthy for turkey.

      Where so you come from?

    2. @ Serdar E, wow wow wow! Just a minute because I see you are a little misoriented. Actually, you are much misoriented...!

      The PKK leader (Ocalan) actual had a Cypriot passport given to him by Cypriot authorities because he asked for help, because his life was in danger - as far as I can remember, this happened around mid 1990ies. He also found shelter in the residence of some contacts (Greek citizens) he had in Greece. Finaly, after been hunted for few weeks / months, and after passing a number of middle easte and north african countries trying to break away from Turkish agents hunt, he asked asylum from Greek embassy in Kenya and the Greek goverment GAVE HIM AS A GIFT to the hands of Turkish agents, to be arrested. Thats for PKK leader, Ocalan. OK?

      As for your other comments, about "terror camps of PKK in Greece" you must be joking, right? I ve heard this Turkish claims but unfortunately, Turkey NEVER show any written evidence or any photo, or any video. You understand that this "claim" cannot stand without proof. So, if NO EVIDENCE ever found after around 15-20 years of this rumor, we have to accept that it was a propaganda. Do you really think that it would be possible for PKK "terrorists" to train in Athens (thats what Turkish side said) into some "training camps" where are locations that civilians can reach, and NOBODY ever had any kind of photo, video or else? NEVER? Is it possible these "PKK terrorists" be hidden so well into areas reachable by Turkish agents? I think not. By the same way, I could claim that ISIS terrorists receive their military training on the green grass alley of White House - would this could ever stand as a realistic claim? I think not...

      So, PLEASE if you have any kind of similar claims in future, do also send some photos that you are saying the truth. As for the last, all these "PKK terrorists in Greece" nonsenses were fictional scenarios of Tansout Ciler era goverment officials. Actualy these "PKK terrorists in Greece" claims are not even accepted today by the today's Turkish goverment! So, be real, be smart and dont bite what they serve you on TV...

    3. I am not misoriented, but you.

      Ok, let's make step by step.

      1. Öcalan was captured in 1990. This time PKK was not listed in Greece in terror list
      2. Ocalan is an honorary citizen of Olympia
      3. PKK has had train in camps in Lavron
      4. Ocalan was captured in Kenia, where Greece want him free, after he left Greece (it was not a gift)

      Interview with Georgios Papandreou, ex foreign minister of GreeceÖcalan

    4. Your last answers reveal that you are misoriented. Let me help you and you might be smarter for future. According to UN and NATO sources:

      1) Iran provided PKK with supplies in the form of weapons and funds. I see no "Greek link" in the story

      2) PKK's leader Abdullah Öcalan was trained by KGB-FSB as ALSO revealed by the former KGB / FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned in 2006. Russia is still not listing PKK as a terrorist group despite intense Turkish pressure. I still see no "Greek link" in the story

      3) Abdullah Öcalan TRIED to ask asylum on Greek embassy in Kenya on 1996, but Greek officials DENIED and the Greek goverment GAVE HIM DIRECTLY (as a gift) to the hands of Turkish agents, to be arrested IN KENYA. I still see no "Greek support" in the story

      4) Abdullah Öcalan had a Cypriot passport under the name of Mavros Lazaros. He also had (earlier) a Russian passport and (much earlier) a Lebanese passport. I still see no "Greek link" in the story!

      5) Can you give us a list of countries (except Turkey) that list (2014 facts please) the PKK as a terrorist group?

      6) PKK has not / had not any training camps in Lavron (maybe you mean Lavrion?) or any other place in Greek territory. Thats a totaly Turkish made myth, built up during late Torgut Ozal and early Tansut Ciler days. The sooner you'll get over this myth, the happier you ll be. If you still believe the myth, please do send some pictures or videos or offical documents as evidence of your claims. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and accept realilty - you have been deceived by your own government and its about time to wake up.

  17. Islamic states trying to build great Caliphate, and good luck to them, this muslims pounding just ridiculous leave them alone.

    Its looks like every time when some islamic oil exporter trying to advance, both economically and technologically, its stoneaged by "certain parties", because "certain parties" need them as oil exporters and nothing more.

    9/11 was used as an excuse first time, now this fishy "decapitations" used as an excuse to prolong conflict and prevent IS to establish order and stop civil war by defeating opponets.

  18. Twixter said: "...Islamic states trying to build great Caliphate and good luck to them..."

    @ Twixter, let me ask you...

    - Did you just said "Good luck" to these mentaly unstable lunatics who like to decapitate innocent victims for fun?

    - Did you just said "Good luck" to these sexual perverts who want to be indecently abuse on 8 year old girls (and sometimes boys)?

    - Did you just said "Good luck" to these inhuman beasts who are obsessed killing with most barbaric way, just because their prophet said so?

    - Did you just said "Good luck" to these religion fanatics who dream to turn all Μankind 1000 years back?

    @ Twixter, are you insane?

  19. Btw, where exactly is the embassy of IS in turkey?

    1. According to the TURKISH newspaper, "Aydınlık", ISIS has opened a consulate in Ankara, Turkey in order to issue visas to those who want to join ISIS and fight in Iraq







      - want more?

  20. @ jaque mesrn

    For our friend "jaque mesrn" who whote on Friday, September 26 2014 (6:33:00 PM) that there is no proof that the beard men are ISIS members, there is also another, much better picture sending clear message. In following picture, you can see a Turkish border patrol soldier, possing with ISIS militants, on Turkish-Syrian borders. As far as I can see, they look too friendly together, aren't they?


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