Saturday, January 31, 2015

790 pound hog? Yeah...and they captured it alive.

Something strange is going on with wild pigs in this nation.

They're getting big.

Real big.

And no, the one-off Hogzilla's that people run into every now and then don't concern me.  They're too massive to pose a real danger to anyone and generally stay real deep in the woods...places no one goes much.  Its whats happening down the line that's disturbing.  We're seeing 300 pound hogs in my neck of the woods with a bit of regularity now and they're fast, fierce, fear nothing and will eat practically anything.

I don't know the answer to controlling them but read the story of how some good ole' boys captured a 790 pound


  1. Strangely, paralleling the human population of the US :)

  2. Replies
    1. everyone is joking but think about the ramifications of this. we're seeing bigger and bigger wild pigs. the exceptionally large ones are getting bigger still. that means that not only do they have an environment that allows for a wild animal to attain such girth but that they also have no predators capable of effectively controlling the population.

      if zoom into the future we could see these animals roaming the streets in the same way we see stray cats. only the size of these beasts could make travel by car dangerous. you're on the interstate and suddenly a herd of these is using the freeway as a crossing? you're doing 75mph and your car hits a sow weighing in at 300 pounds?

    2. It looks like the evolution, Sol. Where I live (it's Central Russia) wild nature is under attack, I live near forests and woods, but I saw wild animals only twice for over 15 years, that were hares. I think it's really nice that you still save wild nature in your country.

    3. Dude, if im not wrong, these pigs are not natural from america ( in this case, im talking about the whole america continent) so they should be considered a plague.

    4. Yeah those european boars and feral hogs are plague. If im not wrong the only natural wild hog in america is the friking peccary.

    5. Well, if they pose a danger to people or the local ecosystem they should.

  3. So, just fyi, turns out this was actually not a wild hog but a feral escaped domestic hog. No less of an accomplishment though.


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