Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CV90 with Active Suspension is going to be the fastest armored vehicle over rough terrain in the world.

via Endgadget.
Unlike conventional, passive suspensions that simply absorb the shock of a bump or divot in the road as it occurs, active suspensions calculate vehicle speed against upcoming terrain to selectively tighten the suspension and keep the vehicle level. This eliminates both body roll and pitch acceleration as well as translates into a higher top speed since all four wheels (or in this case, both tracks) stay in firm contact with the ground. It works well enough for the CV90 to set a speed record on a "rough terrain course",
Go here to read the entire story.   Interesting isn't it.  Just when wheeled vehicles finally "catch up" to tracked when it comes to cross country mobility, we find out that tracked roars back and takes back the crown.

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