Sunday, June 28, 2015

Something weird is going on with the Chinese Stock Market...

via CNBC..
China's Shanghai Composite index crashed more than 7 percent on Friday amid increasing worries that the country's bull run is running out of steam. Risk-off sentiment from the mainland also cast a shadow on regional bourses, which mostly ended in negative territory.
"Reasons for the slump in China stretch far and wide, including deleveraging, frothy valuations and extreme volatility causing nervousness. While some markets in the region seem to have ignored some of the wild swings in China for a while, it's now certainly casting a shadow on some key markets," IG's market strategist Stan Shamu wrote in a note.

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Something weird is going on with China...Greece is a known basket case...Russia is suffering under sanctions...American's are convinced that we're headed toward a crash this fall....

Yeah.  This is feeling like those months before the Great Recession hit...the same breathless warnings...the same behind the scenes moves by the big players....and the average investor looking slack eyed and silly with his thumb in his mouth.

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