Saturday, August 08, 2015

Russia's Volk armored mobility vehicle set to enter service...

via Sputnik...
The vehicle was ordered by the Russian Defense Ministry and developed by Military Industrial Company, a military division of the GAZ Group.
The Volk (Wolf) has modular design which allows for various modules to be set up, depending on the purpose.
It is also equipped with independent hydro-pneumatic suspension with height adjustment.
The protection index of the new vehicle is higher than that of the Tiger armored vehicle which is currently in operation. The Volk also outperforms its predecessor in off-road performance. It designed to have up to 20 seats, two times more than the Tiger.
One of the Volk’s main features is its capability to be equipped with a combat module. Such a modification will be used strictly by the military and law enforcement agencies.
After all required tests are completed, mass production of the vehicle will start, the company said.

I appreciate and respect Russian armored tech, but the number of projects that they have going on at the same cover the same requirements is confusing and from the outside looking in...WASTEFUL!

Having said that, I hope Army or Naval Intelligence is keeping a handle on all this.  Just from open source material its obvious that they're building up.  Info on all these vehicles needs to be researched, cataloged and disseminated to the lowest levels.

We will see these vehicles.  They won't be operated by Russians but certainly by their clients.  We need to know them, know how to kill them and if we're lucky we need to get our hands on a few examples to test them.

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