Saturday, August 08, 2015

The 82nd and Marine Expeditionary Units must work on forcible entry....together!

National Training Center/Fort Irwin
@USArmy #JFE - Commanding General, XVIII Airborne Corps, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, briefs distinguished guests on Joint Forcible Entry - Dragon Spear at the National Training Center. #DragonSpear #TrainTheForce #U.S.Army

The above photo perfectly illustrates the US Army's and in particular the 82nd Airborne's problem when it comes to forcible entry.  First look at the side panel.  You see Army Special Ops...Special Forces, Rangers, I believe that's a PsyOps unit but not sure, the 82nd and USAF.

Who got left out?  The US Navy and Marine Corps.

I wasn't at the briefing but the map is pretty clear.  They're attacking a nation adjacent to the sea.....And the US Navy/US Marines weren't included?

The Army likes to delude themselves into thinking that the Marines/Navy don't want to play...or that we don't want to play fair.  This is a perfect example of why that's bullshit and that the problem lies with the Army.

The 82nd and Marine Expeditionary Units MUST START WORKING OUT TOGETHER!  Its the only way to be competitive in the Pacific with a rising dragon on the horizon.

Get your head out of your ass Army and start inviting Marines to these exercises!

Sidenote:  I went a few rounds with Strock over HQMC's desire to include the Army in the sea base.  I believed then and now that the Marines shouldn't be begging the Army to come out and participate in events that would benefit them in becoming real contributors to our work in the Pacific.  This shows I was right.  It seems the Army just wants to do the galmor stuff.  They want to fly off already crowded Navy ships but don't want to tie their landing craft next MPS ships so that combat power can be delivered ashore.  Want further proof?  The Marine Corps is about to do a Maritime Prepositioning Force exercise and I have yet to hear about Army participation...even though I know that Strock and company are damn near begging to get them to.

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