Monday, August 31, 2015

The F-35/MV-22 just re-imagined concepts from the Zumwalt era?

Many thanks to Robert for the idea!

Note:  Robert provided the below images with an intriguing idea.  He contends that the F-35/MV-22 are re-imagined concepts that were first pushed during Admiral Zumwalt's era and discarded because of cost.  I never put it together that way but it makes sense.  If you look at the performance specs for the Convair/General Dynamics Model 200 (sans stealth) and the General Dynamics model 84 tilt wing then you're seeing basically early versions of the two planes being discussed.

I believe in the advocacy of vertical take off aircraft.  But lets be real.  The USMC should not be held hostage to one part of its combined arms many ways the least valuable or unique part of that team (yeah I'm going there...the USN can if required and would probably have no problem in providing close air for USMC forces).

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