Monday, November 23, 2015

Something is screwy with the UK's F-35 numbers...

Image taken from Think Defence Blog (full story on the SDSR here).

Check this out from Think Defence...
No details of timings, numbers per squadron, basing (rumour is Conningsby nd Lossiemouth for Typhoon), training, or where the air and ground and air crews are coming from.
‘We will maintain our plan’ is not an order.
By 2023, the UK is planned to have 42 F-35B’s in service, remember, this is a JOINT Combat Aircraft, not just for carrier strike. This translates into two squadrons (809 NAS and 617 SQN) plus the OCU.
Yeah.  He's absolutely right.  But what has me spinning is the infographic that TD has from the SDSR.  Two squadrons of F-35s.  Then they talk about buying 138 over the life of the program.

The Brits are being cheeky as hell.  First we find out that the first 18 or so planes  will be maintenance and training platforms and now this?

Something screwy is going on with the numbers here.  My opinion of the program continues and this attempt at positive news from our Brit brothers doesn't change the trajectory of things at all.  

The F-35 is in a flat spin headed out to sea....The Brits are reaching for the ejection handle...they just don't want the front seater to know it yet...

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