Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sat Discussion. Dictatorial powers by declaring an emergency?

via Observer.
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this afternoon that he is shutting the city’s streets, schools and parks tonight until further notice as the city braces for a blizzard of historic proportions.
Speaking at the Office of Emergency Management headquarters in Brooklyn, the mayor—who faced criticism over the city’s response to last year’s winter storms—said only authorized city personnel would be allowed to drive on the streets starting at 11 p.m. or visit city parks beginning at 6 p.m. The restrictions may last for an undetermined number of days, the mayor said. Mr. de Blasio declared a “winter weather state of emergency” and said that thousands of Sanitation, Police, Fire, Parks, Homeless Services, 911 and 311 personnel have been working since Friday to prepare for the projected two feet of snow.
“We are ready to deal with this and whatever comes after,” he said. “The priority right now is anything related to the safety of our people.”
The mayor said 1,800 snowplows have been deployed, and will clear any street as soon as it accumulates more than two inches of snow. Additional ambulances have also been added to the city fleet.
I've had the displeasure of being in two feet of snow.  Didn't like it, and I didn't think it was fun...but it was hardly an emergency situation.

Additionally we've seen MUCH larger snowfalls in New York's recent past.  In 2006 we saw 26.9 inches.  1947 it was 26.7.  As things stand the Mayor (along with histrionics from the Governor) is talking in a dramatic way (and the newscasters are on drugs they're so hyped) about the dangerous emergency that the city is facing..and so far 10 inches of snow has fallen.

Excuse me.  Its the North.  It snows every year!

Is this about a "snow emergency" or is about exercising dictatorial power?  Is it really about the rush from being able to order several million people with nary a complaint?

Personally I think it is.

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