Thursday, February 25, 2016

6th Gen Fighter by late 2020? Did the Australian White Paper let the cat out of the bag?

via Australian White Paper...
The government has committed to a continuous rolling acquisition program for 12 submarines and new previously unforeseen acquisitions and plans such as a review process to replace the last 25 F-35s planned for acquisition with a sixth generation fighter that will be an option in the late 2020s.
To replace the last 25 F-35's planned for acquisition with a sixth gen fighter that will be an option in the late 2020s.

Everyone has been so focused on the Australians canceling the last 25 of the planned 72 F-35's that they're buying that no one is staring at the big ass elephant in the room.

Australia is saying that a 6th gen fighter will be an option in late 2020.

Seeing how close the Aussies are to the US that means that we are already working on a 6th gen jet....probably a secret program that we've read key allies into....the Aussies let the cat out the bag and it confirms what I've always known.

The F-35 is a failure.

Allies that are buying the plane MUST be promised that they'll be able to get our 6th gen jet and they're obviously being told that we're working on it now and that it'll be available in 2020.

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