Thursday, February 25, 2016

Listen to what the pilots say about the F-35? How about this retired LTCol from the Danish Air Force!

Thanks to Kjell for the link!

via Australian Senate Submission on the F-35 (Link and item 35).
"We also simulated Joint Strike Fighter against Russian fighter aircraft where we flew two against two.
In the forenoon I and the Danish test pilot was flying Joint Strike Fighters against two Russian fighters. Inthe afternoon we swapped, so we flew Russian fighter aircraft against the Joint Strike Fighter.
In the afternoon the first thing the test pilot and I noticed was that the Russian fighters was not loaded with the best air-to-air missiles as the Russians have in real life. We therefore asked about getting some better. It was denied us. We two pilots complained but it was not changed.
My test pilot and I decided in our simulated Russian combat aircraft to fly “line abreast”, but with 25 nautical miles distance. Then at least one of us could with radar look into the side of the Joint Strike Fighter and thus view it at long distance. The one who “saw” the Joint Strike Fighter could then link the radar image to the other. Then missiles could be fired at long distance at the Joint Strike Fighter.
It was also denied us, although we protested this incomprehensible disposition.
It was now quite clear to us that with the directives and emotional limitations simulations would in no waygive a true and fair view of anything. On the other hand, it would show that the Joint Strike Fighter was a good air defense fighter, which in no way can be inferred from the simulations. We spoke loudly and clearly that this way was manipulating with the Joint Strike Fighter air defence capability.
Because of these circumstances, I would not let the Danish Air Force be included as part of the totally misleading/non-transparent results, which alone would show Joint Strike Fighters superiority in the air defence role, which it would not have been against an opponent with missiles with a performance than those who we were g iven permission to. Also there was given major obstacles in the way flying tactically against the Joint Strike Fighter.
We therefore left simulations, returned to Denmark and complained to the Chief of Staff Tactical Air Command and technical manager Air Material Command."
The LtCol is basically saying that we're seeing organized and coordinated fraud by Lockheed Martin, the Joint Program Office, certain officer in the USMC and USAF and worst of all the US Dept of Defense.

Criminal charges should be brought against anyone that is involved in deceiving the public....from the Deputy Commandant for Aviation, to the Program Manager, to the Lockheed President...and even the pilots that are getting on camera and feeding the public bullshit.

Listen to what the pilots say about the F-35?  Yeah...I'll listen to the pilots that have integrity and honor...not the slobbering idiots looking to get ahead. 

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