Monday, April 18, 2016

Dwell time is being destroyed with new commitments. Is leadership purposefully wrecking the Corps?

Thanks to Bryan for the link!

via Marine Corps Times.
The massive Balikatan military exercise in the Philippines may have ended, but a small number of Marines are staying in the country.
About 80 Marines from the III Marine Expeditionary Brigade are part of a small U.S. military force that will remain in the Philippines on a rotational basis, said Maj. Christopher Logan, a spokesman for Marine Corps Forces, Pacific.
“This team will support increased operations, activities, and actions in the region and will enhance our combined C2 capabilities,” Logan said in an email to Marine Corps Times. ”By improving our combined command and control, we will better enable future defense cooperation and further enhance the Armed Forces of the Philippines' capability development.”
Story here, but this is becoming more than a little alarming.  Besides the fact that the Philippines are suffering from a middle grade insurgency you also have this fact...check out what Bryan said in his note...
I am perplexed. The leadership complained about dwell time between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. And now, the SPMAGTF-CR in Rota, the same in the Middle East, the MEU (less ships) in Darwin, ongoing commitments in Iraq (going to get larger) and Afghanistan, Two MEU’s deployed, 2 MEU’s working up……and drawing down the very MOS’s that are doing all the deploying, and now this in the P.I.?.

What are they thinking?
To answer his question I have no idea.  What I do know is that they're pushing the same old "generational" small wars concept in a changing world.

We are spreading our forces far and wide and will have difficulty building combat power if a serious incident that ACTUALLY affects US security pops up.  Worse?  Dwell time is being destroyed.  ALl these penny packet deployments, missions etc...along with training time at home will cause Marines to vote with their feet.

This is wrecking the Marine Corps.  The only question left is leadership doing this on purpose?

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