Saturday, April 23, 2016

If the UK leaves the EU, then who does the US turn to? UPDATED for my British readers!

EU exit 'would damage UK's special relationship with US'...
Let's go there friends.  If the UK leaves the EU then who would the US turn to on the continent to look out for its interests?  I'm being actual and factual here.  No special sauce, no sugar coating and definitely not trying to demean the UK.

So who would we turn to?

If the UK leaves then I think we're looking at Poland, France or maybe (long shot) the Netherlands.  I could easily be wrong here, but I don't think Germany brings enough to the table.  Spain and Italy are too caught up in their own financial issues to credibly be able to lead coalitions or move the needle on public opinion.

Perhaps more importantly, Poland is already acting as a bulwark against Russia (don't agree with the idea that we have to be prepared to cross swords but that's where our foreign policy is right now) and has participated in our foreign activities.  France has a capable military but they're extremely inward looking and tend to act against our interests at every chance possible.

If the UK leaves I think it would be Poland's gain.

Hey guys.  This is simply a bit of future gazing.  I'm looking at the fallout of the UK leaving the EU.  I don't care one way or the other.  I truly don't give a shit.  The politics of the EU is something I rarely touch on.  The rules, regulations, laws etc...don't matter to me.  I'm a US, not EU citizen.  So spare me your outrage.  Save your tears.  I'm just making a guess at the future if the UK leaves the EU.  Just because you're reading this on a blog on the internet doesn't mean its calm the fuck down!

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