Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Night Time Harrier Ops on the LHD Juan Carlos & it looks like the USMC is sneaking in that "detachment of US Marines on foreign warships" concept (pics)

Pics via Armada Espanol Flickr Page

I have no context for these pics but that push to place US Marines on foreign warships continues and I suspect that's what we're seeing.  Worse.  I have yet to hear of 1 credible reason why they're pushing this.

Neller is lost.  He's being swept along by Amos sycophants and he doesn't have the balls to clean house and end this stupidity.  When Marines stop re-enlisting, when they realize they can't throw enough bonus money at people to retain them, when they admit that they're faced with a recruiting crisis and when they finally wrap their head around the fact that these "concepts" they're rolling out is nothing but batshit crazy then they stand a chance of getting the house in order.

I thought Dunford (on the word of others) might get it right.  I was told the same about Neller.  They were wrong.  The legacy of the nations military leadership (flag officers) during the Obama Administration will be one of failure...failure of morals, integrity, strategy and on concepts.

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