Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RUAG Defence does major upgrade to the M109 self propelled howitzer via IHS Janes 360

via IHS Janes
RUAG Defence has developed an enhanced version of the M109 155 mm self-propelled (SP) artillery system aimed at the export market.
The company has already upgraded 348 Swiss Army M109sto the Pz Hb 88/95 standard, which represent the only SP artillery deployed by the Swiss Army.
Among the improvements are a modified turret and the use of locally manufactured 155 mm/47 calibre chrome plated ordnance in place of the original 155 mm/39 calibre type. This offers an extended range and has a burst rate of fire of three rounds in 15 seconds due to the installation of a flick rammer.
via RUAG Defence.
 Fire Power
  • Increased firing range of up to 36 km
  • Increased rate of fire (burst of 3 rounds in 15 sec.)
  • Increased ammunition autonomy ( 40 rounds, 64 charges)
  • New electrical system (better than Mil STD 1245A)
  • Higher operational readiness
  • Increased mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Fault finding diagnostics with test equipment
  • Navigation and positioning system integrated
  • Increased mobility (gears, engine)
  • Capable of day and night operations
  • Effective fire suppression system installed
  • NEMP und EMP protection
  • Camouflage: paint and netting
The problem?

The Russian and Chinese stuff still outdistance us.

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