Thursday, April 28, 2016

Two words that scare the world. America First! UPDATED!!!! The view from Europe is hitting the news stands!

Watching the morning news and wow!  The fear and loathing over Trump's speech and especially his cry to always put "AMERICA FIRST" is ruffling more than a few feathers.

Personally I love it.

I note with a bit of anger that not one of the political talking heads has claimed that the current political class is already putting America First.

That is telling.

So what have I seen?  The usual British accented anchors talking about how alarming it is to hear a presidential candidate talking this way.  Additionally I hear that its upsetting for our NATO allies and other 1st world nations to hear that they should be expected to shoulder some of the responsibility for their protection.  Angst at the thought of letting the Middle East sort itself out.

They're throwing around the word Neo-Isolationism.

I disagree.  I think its simply the US acting like every other nation on this planet does.  Many on these pages talk about currency issues and the benefits that come from being the world's reserve currency and the petro dollar.  I disagree.  The benefits of the "dollar scheme" only holds benefit if the US is the manufacturing center of the world.  It isn't any longer.

So yeah.  Trump is right.  I still suspect that he's just the Republican Obama, and will probably go sideways if elected but he sure is tapping into something.

UPDATE!  Check this out from the German News site DW!
Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech, meant to assuage America’s allies worried about a possible Trump presidency, backfired badly. It left European observers stunned, nauseous and alarmed.
That's a damn good start.  But check this portion out.
Trump told Washington's partners that "America is going to be a reliable friend and ally again” only to threaten to leave them high and dry should they not cough up more money for their own security in NATO and generally follow America's lead.
Sorry to my European readers but you ungrateful bastards!  We've been paying the lion's share for generations and you have the audacity to get mad because 1 potential leader of the US says that you have to carry your own weight (don't get excited people....I'm responding to the article, not to you and the British blog "Think Defence" have already had a mini chat about this, this morning).

I'm not sold on Trump but this reaction is pushing me in his direction (again).  Oh and for those that think that Hillary is a lock, let me tell you the bad news.  Be on the lookout for a story this Sunday that has an interview with Obama where he talks about "his" economy.  As usual he blames others which leads me to my point.  Blacks are unfortunately (and a source of embarrassment and anger personally) slaves to the Democrat party.  But there is no Obama at the top of the ticket, everyone is pissed about the economy (the issues with police are a diversion...a planned diversion in my opinion by the Dem party) so don't expect a heavy turnout even though they will blanket black churches.  Hispanics?  Don't be fooled.  New immigrants depress their wages.  They MIGHT want citizenship but they mostly want to be able to simply earn a living.  They aren't in the Dems pocket and they're not happy about the economy either AND they're more conservative than liberals want to admit.  Women?  In my opinion and I could easily be wrong, but I think the ladies know that they've pushed guys about as far as we can go.  Many of the non-lesbians are worried about family which means that they're looking to put a break on the excesses of the past 8 years.

Trump could easily win despite the Republican party elite doing everything possible to throw this election.  Why am I smiling even though I'm not a Trump supporter?  Because that would scare the living shit out of the rest of the world.  That's making America great again that I could get behind.

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