Thursday, April 28, 2016

It finally sinks in for the President...his legacy is going to be tarnished.

Thanks to William for the link!

via The New York Times.
It is this disconnect that haunts Obama. He has, by his own lights, managed the recovery as well as any president ever could, with results that in many cases exceeded his own best hopes. But despite the gains of the past seven years, many Americans have been left behind. Something has changed, and as he prepares to leave office, Obama seems to understand that his economic legacy might be judged not just by what he has done, but by how the results compare to a bygone era of middle-class opportunity, one that perhaps no president, faced with the sweeping changes transforming the global economy, could ever bring back.
Sorry people.  This is not the blog for discussion about the economy or politics...but at the same time those issues shape defense policy so bear with me.

Remember I talked about the article where Obama is interviewed about his economic policy?  Well this is it.  READ IT ALL!!!!  Its the most fascinating piece of denial I've read in a long time.

Between Cruz turning out to be pure slime (that move yesterday to push Carly as his VP is a continuation of activity that makes him unacceptable to me) and Trump laying down markers that will (hopefully) put America first in our considerations when it comes to dealings in the world....we've reached a critical point.

This election is moving toward one where the Republicans will win despite their best efforts to lose.

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