Thursday, May 12, 2016

Australia is building an icebreaker! They're after the "other" unexplored resource center!

via Defense Media Network
The Australian government and DMS Maritime signed a contract April 28, 2016, at a ceremony in Hobart, Tasmania, for the delivery, operation, and maintenance of an Antarctic Supply Research Vessel (ASRV) with ice breaking capabilities, according to a Damen Shipyards Group release. DMS Maritime is a wholly owned subsidiary of Serco. Damen Shipyards Group will build the vessel, intended to become an integral part of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) program in the coming years.
Head over to DMN to read the entire article but this should be eye opening.  Everyone is involved in the race to the Arctic but the Antarctic goes everyone except Australia.

They have a wide open field to a region that will rival the Arctic when it comes to natural resources.  The Australians are being sly like foxes on this one.  We should be teaming with them.  There's virtual gold on those ice floes!

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