Thursday, May 12, 2016

If the F-35 price is dropping then why is Denmark buying less than half their requirement?

via AOL.
What’s striking here is not that the F-35 won: Denmark was already one of the nine Joint Strike Fighter partner nations and will build part of the plane. Nor is the size of the buy remarkable: Denmark’s a small country and it’s buying just 28 planes (less than the 48 it had initially considered to replace its aging F-16s). The big deal is how confident Denmark seemed in the F-35, resoundingly rejecting widespread criticism of the airplane’s performance and price — though there’s some debate about the latter (see below).
If the F-35 is dropping in price then why is Denmark buying only 28?

If the airplane is cheaper than the competition then why is the programmed buy continuing to drop from the ALREADY REDUCED 48 to the ineffectual 28 today?

Denmark might as well shutter their Air Force if they can only afford that many airplanes.  The only thing that gives me joy is that the USMC isn't the only force getting raped by the F-35.  It seems that this airplane is an international criminal and will lay the "wood"  to anyone it comes across.

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