Thursday, May 26, 2016

Australian Army's Land 400...the AMV-35 and Boxer arrive...

Thanks to Jason for the link!

This is educational.

I follow BAE, Patria, Rheinmetall, General Dynamics etc...from their corporate pages.

The new meta is that you have to follow each corporate entity in the country of interest to keep track of certain programs.  Take Land 400 and BAE for example.  Following BAE or BAE USA will leave you blind to the goings on down under.  You need to follow BAE Australia to keep track.

The same applies to the other manufacturers.  Additionally even though the base vehicle is the Patria AMV, because BAE is the prime they're not "front and center" with info on the AMV-35.  Again I take note.

Following these programs isn't any just takes understanding of how the corporations are lining up under the new rules of the road.  There really are no "single" powerful corporations anymore in the old way we viewed them.  There is an umbrella corporation with several subsidiaries doing their own things.  That's interesting.

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