Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You thought Pakistan's Army was penetrated by Jihadist? Check out their Navy!

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via The Diplomat.
At least five officers of the Pakistan Navy received death sentences in a secret military trial for allegedly trying to hijack a Pakistan Navy vessel to attack a U.S. Navy refueling ship, Daily Pakistan reports.
The officers were convicted of planning and orchestrating the September 6, 2014, attack on the Karachi Naval Dockyard located at Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coast. The attack was thwarted by Pakistani military personnel with purportedly two attackers killed and four arrested alive (some sources cite 10 killed, including four rogue naval officers).
The attackers allegedly attempted to hijack the F-22P Zulfiquar-class frigate Zulfiqar, the lead ship of its class, with the intention of using the ship’s missiles to attack a U.S. Navy refuel vessel in the Arabian Sea (other sources claim that the target was a U.S. aircraft carrier).
According to the father of one convict, retired Major Saeed Ahmed, his son, Sub-Lieutenant Hammad Ahmed, along with four other officers—Irfanullah, Muhammad Hammad, Arsalan Nazeer, and Hashim Naseerhas—has been convicted of the attack on the dockyard on April 12 by a Navy Tribunal, Dawn newspaper reports.
“My son told me that a naval court had awarded death penalty to him and four other officers after a secret trial,” Ahmed said. “The convicted officers informed me that the naval court concluded the trial on April 12 and promulgated the sentence on April 14.”
Furthermore, Ahmed said that the five were charged with mutiny, conspiracy, carrying weapons in the dockyard, and also with having links to the terror group Islamic State. (Previous reports spoke of links to Al-Qaeda.) He also said that authorities denied his son a fair trial and that the navy did not provide him with the court proceedings.
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So let me get this straight.  You have Pakistani Naval Officers scheming to take over a ship (I would so love the're not sailing a ship with 5 officers so they probably had a handpicked what happened to the other traitors?) and attack a large US naval vessel.

I always knew that the Army was a problem but the Navy too?  Oh and these people have nukes.

I hope MARSOC and US Army Rangers are ready to parachute into hell....they might be asked to conduct a raid for the history books if the wind blows wrong over there.

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