Friday, May 13, 2016

Brazil's 16th Squadron Mechanized Cavalry conducts exercise with Guarani APCs...via

TechnoDefensa has a nice write up (here) that covers the crawl, walk, run stages that their Army/Marines are going thru to introduce the Guarani into their ranks.

While I applaud the way that they've been able to get a vehicle designed, plant assembled - producing vehicles, and then getting them into service, I am mystified at the relatively slow pace they're taking.

Brazilian forces have a wealth of experience in operating wheeled vehicles (they're currently using the Piranha III LAV) so this snails pace is something I just don't understand.  Many of my readers think it has more to do with budget issues than anything else but this is a locally produced vehicle.  This should be a stimulant program...a jobs program...just the thing that politicians love.

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