Monday, May 02, 2016

Chinese appear to be settling on the ZBD04A as their IFV of the future. via China Defense Blog.

All pics via China Defense Blog (his photo spread on the 37 Motorized Infantry Division can be found here).

Day at the field: Armored Regiment, 37th Motorized Infantry Division, 13th Group Army, Western Theater Command
This PLA "regional RRU" is responsible for external threats from the West as well as a back up to local Armed Police for handling terrorism activities. Together with other RRUs, they have priorities in getting new gears, such as the ZBD04A IFV.

The title of this blog post is a personal observation.  The Chinese have produced a number of different IFV/APCs recently but it seems that they're settling on the ZBD04A as their standard.

If I'm correct I don't know the implications of it.  Does this indicate the type of warfare they see coming?  Is this an indication that they've decided that tracks beat wheels?  Are we seeing an old "Soviet" style system where "Guards" rated units get the best kit and the rest of the Army gets hand me downs?

Additional pics of the ZBD04A also from CDB.

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