Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fighting in built up areas. We need a new definition...

We need new definitions and concepts of fighting in Built Up Areas/Urban Combat. Check these pics out...

The first and the last pics are from Brazil's "favelas" and the middle pics are the watery slums of Jakarta.

The issue for military planners in a swing to the Pacific?  They're talking about combat but as soon as you put the first boot on the ground we own a humanitarian crisis that existed long before we arrived.

News media will be tagging along and they will happily take pics of people asking for food and clean water and not care that before we got there the problem existed.  USAID is useless (did you not pay attention to the Haiti relief) as is the UN.  So in addition to destroying the enemy we will also have to deal with the poverty that we stumble into.

Short of a fight for national survival we should avoid this.  When we peel back the layers of the pivot to the Pacific we see an area that makes the desert seem like good times.  This is gonna be hard beyond imagination folks.

Amos did one thing right, although I suspect that it was steered in the direction that he wanted rather than develop ideas independently and that was to form the Ellis Group.  I hope Neller is putting them to work on this.  Repeating myself but man!  This is gonna be hard!

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