Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Molodova left block US convoy via Defence Blog

The deputies of the Party of Socialists (MDBGS) together with activists of the “Young Guard” (the youth organization of the socialists) night blocked the entry to Moldova through Sculeni border crossing point, where the US military convoy arrived today.
Moldova’s pro-Russian opposition says it will stage protests against the May 3-20 joint exercises.
US armoured vehicles arrived in Moldova at the crossing point Sculeni, 135 kilometers East of Chisinau, Moldova, 03 May 2016. US soldiers and engineers are arriving in Moldova to take part in ‘Pioneer Dragon 2016’ joint military exercise with the Moldovian national army, held for the first time in Moldova
At 10.10: A column of US military vehicles continued movement.
Hmm.  Everyone forgets (me included) that many of the former Soviet Bloc countries with the exception of Poland, have a size able left that opposes the US and wants closer relations with Russia.

So how should we play this?  I'm not sure.  I don't have enough visibility. This could be tricky though.  Instead of bringing some of these countries closer to us, we could end up driving them into the arms of the Russians.

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