Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Navy SEAL killed in combat with ISIS forces.

via ABC News.
A U.S. serviceman was killed in Northern Iraq Tuesday by direct fire from ISIS forces that penetrated several miles across Kurdish lines. He was a Navy SEAL, two U.S. officials told ABC News.
The announcement of the third U.S. death in combat against ISIS was made by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who was in Stuttgart, Germany, to attend the change-of-command ceremony at U.S. European Command.
"I'm getting reports a U.S. service member has been killed in Iraq," Carter said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with that service member's family."
Carter highlighted the combat risks the roughly 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq still face even though they are officially in a training, advise and assist mission. "It shows you it's a serious fight that we have to wage in Iraq," he said.
God bless this guy and fuck Pentagon/White House leadership.  Those bastards don't have a plan and they're just sending guys in.  They deserve better and so does this country.

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