Monday, May 16, 2016

This testimony on the F-35 was false or at best misleading.

"Synthetic aperture radar thru the clouds, talking to forward air controllers."

This testimony is seen in a new light when its realized that the bells and whistles that the Assistant Commandant for Aviation is talking about is simply its AESA/EOTS.  On fourth gen fighters we'd call it AESA and a SNIPER pod.

Just plain wow.

Additionally, I've just noticed something.  Every time close air support is talked about with the F-35 its always with the idea that an enemy threat is present.  A high end enemy threat.

We are being spun so hard we're on the tumble setting in a dryer!

They're developing scenarios where only F-35s could possible survive because thats the only way that the plane makes sense!  You're providing close air support with S300/400/500, and Pantsirs around?

That isn't how we're suppose to do business but in order for the F-35 to sell that's the fiction that must be sold to the public.

I don't know if I'm madder at the F-35 fan club, myself or the knowledgeable people that know all this stuff but weren't smart enough (despite all their intelligence/experience) to be able to explain this in a way that the public would latch onto it!

Good God we've been played for fools!

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