Monday, May 16, 2016

F-35 sensor fusion? Nope! Just a capability found with the AESA radar!

Have you heard the term "sensor fusion" and had your eyes glaze over?  So have I.  I've asked about it and instead of answers all I've gotten is even more "Pentagon-ese" along with a bunch of marketing bullshit.

The reality is a bit different.

Want to know how sensor fusion is really arrived at?  As far as I can tell its the AESA radar with digital displays.  Providing close air from 15K?  You ever wonder why planners are saying that they're doing it differently now?  Easy.  AESA.  Wonder why the USAF and USMC are saying that the F-35 will provide its own jamming and eventually electronic attack?  AESA.  Remember the talk about 4 F-35's being line abreast at great distance and they're able to engage a larger force?  AESA.

The thing that they don't want you to know is that the F-35's AESA is the building blocks for its magical sensor fusion.  Check out the above vid.  The F-35 program office talks about sensor AESA, EOTS and DAS all work together.  In the above vid the F-16's systems are doing the same thing.

You were deceived.

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