Thursday, May 05, 2016

This train full of Abrams has the militia movement worried...

Thanks to Canuck Fighter for the link!

Canuck Fighter reminded me of this video that I first saw a couple of days ago on Prepping/Survivalist websites.

It shows a train loaded with a Battalion plus of armor headed to parts unknown.  The militia movement is up in arms and if you head over to the "grey" parts of the internet you'll hear speculation galore.  Its mostly ranging from stealing the election this fall all the way to the govt getting ready to go after certain militia groups.

I think its non-sense.  I'm guessing that the tanks are headed to Ft Polk to act as aggressors against the 101st that's doing training.  The idea would be that they want to test an Air Assault unit in both the attack/defense against a heavy mech unit (COIN is so last year for the US Army, they're prepping for combat against Hybrid Forces armed/equipped like conventional forces or peer vs peer warfare).  If that's not the case then it might be another mobility exercise to see how fast a heavy unit can saddle up and move out by train.

Either way its not worth further thought (in my opinion).

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