Thursday, May 05, 2016

Was accused spy Lin the subject of enhanced interrogation?

via USNI News.
The interrogation and its subsequent classification review by U.S. Pacific Command and Joint Special Operations Command form the backbone of the Navy’s allegations Lin had committed two instances of espionage, three instances of alleged espionage and several allegations of mishandling and transporting classified information.
According to a review by the Navy’s N2/N6 intelligence branch, the interrogation produced at least 31 incidents in which Lin could have revealed classified or sensitive information, government attorneys argued.
I found the highlighted portion interesting.

Did Joint Special Operations Command conducted an interrogation on US personnel?
The wording is "iffy" and I'm not sure if JSOC simply conducted a classification review or if they made a run against Lin but wow...If they did!  Then it must have been suspected that he was giving away some seriously damaging information.

Oh and before you simply poo-poo my contention then consider this.  Why would JSOC even be brought into this investigation if NOT to do the interrogation?  Their expertise in that field is presumably unrivaled and the information Lin gave would probably have little to do with their activities.

Is it possible that someone, somewhere got the president to authorize a secret finding that enhanced interrogation techniques were warranted?

Last thing.

Lin was a member of a flight crew.  A crew that was conducting top secret missions.  We can assume that he was sent to SERE school and knew of at least a few resistance techniques so maybe it was warranted.  This is the first time that I've even suspected that enhanced techniques might have been used against US personnel.

Side Note:  Do more than say I'm being stupid and that it could never happen.  Tell me that JSOC is a constant in these types of national security investigations.  Explain to me how JSOC would need to be called in to review information that Lin had access to (and no, his work as a Congressional Aide wouldn't highlight JSOC's work).  I admit this theory is out there but this case is beyond strange.  Remember we've had Navy spies before and it was handled differently.

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