Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We're going to get an indication of how "orchestrated" those Trump protests are today. UPDATE!

Last night we saw protests in New Mexico get out of hand.  Even Chris Matthews questioned why we saw Mexican flags being flown.  He also wondered why the protesters were there.  Was it about Trump?  If so then why did they approach things the way they did he said on camera.  He also wondered if it was just an excuse for bored kids to act badly.

Drink that in.

Now consider this.  Today Trump is in California.  Of course Police have said that if there is a repeat of the violence seen in New Mexico that they would act accordingly.

Do you think that a statement alone would be enough to deter people?  I don't.  If we see calm...If we see few only a few protesters then we can assume that they're not organic.  Those protests are being orchestrated and directed.

That should trouble everyone.  We'll see what we'll see but I'd bet body parts that we won't see mass protests and we won't see Mexican flags being waved.  If I'm right then we have a political party in the US inciting violence.

Notice that I said body parts...not body parts that I love!  Long story short?  The idiots are gathering at the Trump rally for more nonsense.  I find this amazing.  He's gone from being the bully to being bullied.  Do the Democrats lack commonsense?  The visuals on this are terrible.  Why aren't they trying to damp it down?  Oh and MSNBC is highlighting protesters carrying American flags!

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