Tuesday, June 28, 2016

American Warfighter e-book giveaway. UPDATE! giveaway closed....

UPDATE:  The giveaway is closed, but keep eyes open...we're starting something awesome and this is just the beginning!  To the winners, congrats and I know you're gonna enjoy this book!  THERE ARE MEN THAT STILL WALK THIS PLANET THAT ARE WILLING TO DO THE HARD THING!  You're not on an island in a sea of shit tribe members....hard men doing hard things (yeah I'm including me and you in this) live!  Drink this in and marvel at the sacrifice...a type of selflessness that most in this nation are unworthy of.

An opportunity for 10 of my readers.  I am able to give away 10 copies of American Warfighter (e-book version).

How do you get it?


First 10 people to hit my inbox for the blog (addy on the right hand side) get a copy.  Put "Mabus sucks" to weed out spam in the subject line and I'll reply with the link.

I'd bet body parts I value that you're gonna love this book.

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