Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Europe burns. Terror attack at Turkish airport.

UPDATE:  Wow!  I didn't know that calling Turkey a part of Europe would get such a massive push back!  I won't back off my contention that Turkey straddles both Europe and Asia.  Look at any map and parts of Turkey are indeed part of Europe.  Its just like the US and Mexico.  By rights Mexico should be included as being both North and Central American...Map makers dumbed it down for the masses and we have the simplicity that we do.  As far as those that are pointing to cultural issues for excluding Turkey from Europe, I just don't buy it.  Culturally the US, Canada and Mexico are different yet they are still considered N. American.  If you want to use a different metric...if you want to say that being European requires something other than geography then I'm willing to listen...but as things stand now, I'm right!

Watching breaking news of a terror attack at a Turkish airport.

This is right on schedule.

I told you Europe would burn this summer and this is meeting my timetable of events.  First you have the continuing immigration crisis.  Then the Brexit vote and now this.

And this is just the beginning.

ISIS or whoever is behind this attack is no longer seeking to defeat the West on the battlefield.  They know that as soon as we get serious they'll be mopped up in a few months at worst.

Instead they're seeking to freeze our economies thru spreading fear...to sow societal chaos because terrorist are mixed in with immigrants and friction will develop between the society that they migrate to and the people....this is a perfect firestorm.

Meanwhile instead of solving real problems, our leadership seeks to maintain the status quo economically while engineering social change.

We're fucked...but Europe first.

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