Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Apparently Russia has declared war on Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to William for the link!

via Bloomberg.
The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton
Foundation was among the organizations breached by suspected
Russian hackers in a dragnet of the U.S. political apparatus
ahead of the November election, according to three people
familiar with the matter.
The attacks on the foundation’s network, as well as those
of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential
campaign, compound concerns about her digital security even as
the FBI continues to investigate her use of a personal e-mail
server while she was secretary of state.

A spokesman for the foundation, Brian Cookstra, said he
wasn’t aware of any breach. The compromise of the foundation’s
computers was first identified by government investigators as
recently as last week, the people familiar with the matter said.
Agents monitor servers used by hackers to communicate with their
targets, giving them a back channel view of attacks, often even
before the victims detect them.
For a primer on recent cyber intrusions, click here.
Before the Democratic National Committee disclosed a major
computer breach last week, U.S. officials informed both
political parties and the presidential campaigns of Clinton,
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders that sophisticated hackers were
attempting to penetrate their computers, according to a person
familiar with the government investigation into the attacks.
The hackers in fact sought data from at least 4,000
individuals associated with U.S. politics -- party aides,
advisers, lawyers and foundations -- for about seven months
through mid-May, according to another person familiar with the
Don't be confused.  The Russians don't give a damn about Trump and Sanders.

They do seem to be real interested in anything Hillary is connected to.  Apparently the Russians have declared war on Hillary Clinton.

Is it wrong for me to cheer?

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