Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This is why you keep a low profile in public if you're a gun enthusiast.

via NBCNewYork.
The three individuals, two men in their 50s and a woman in her 20s from Pennsylvania, were stopped on the New Jersey side of the tunnel around 8 a.m., authorities said.
A search of their vehicle -- a brightly colored Dodge utility vehicle with logo decals for Tonka, Monster energy drinks and another one that read "Higher Ground Tactical", apparently a gun range and shop in Emmaus, Pennsylvania -- revealed the weapons cache.
Story here.

They got stopped because they had a cracked windshield.  Yeah.  Really.  Let's be actual and factual.  They got stopped because they were driving a gaudy, lifted, 4x4 with tactical stickers all over it.

They found weapons that are prohibited in New York so there will be no outcry but this is a warning to gun guys.

The "grey man" principle should be your guide.  Be as forgettable as possible.  Hide any hints of physical prowess and damn sure don't wear t-shirts that point out proficiency or interest in arms.  Glock, Surefire, Ruger shirts?  In my part of the world they're common.  In certain parts of the country they make you stand out.  In New York you can have pink hair, tattoos on your forehead, look like a clown and no one will bat an eye.  Wear one of those t-shirts and you're going to be noted by law enforcement.

Learn from the mistakes of these idiots.  Take the "defended by Colt" off the back of your rig.  It could save you some heartburn if you travel the country.

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