Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Canadian Prime Minister says the F-35 "Does Not Work!"

Thanks to Don for the link!

via National Post
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted the F-35 stealth fighter on Tuesday as a plane that “does not work,” while his defence minister refused to say if the Liberals will hold a competition to replace Canada’s aging fighter jets.
Meanwhile, public records show the company behind the Liberals’ preferred fighter jet, the Super Hornet, has held frequent discussions with Liberal officials since January. Those lobbying efforts included talks with senior officials in Trudeau’s office, as well as those of the defence and procurement ministers.
And this.
“Canadians know full well that for 10 years, the Conservatives completely missed the boat when it came to delivering to Canadians and their armed forces the equipment they needed,” Trudeau replied, also in French. “They clung to an aircraft (the F-35) that does not work and is far from working.”
I can't wait to hear the lies that will be told to try and spin this into a good new story by the F-35 fan club.

Hey Joint Program Office!  How's that plan to drum up support for the F-35 this summer working out for ya???? 

NOTE:  YOU DON'T BASH COUNTRIES!  I don't care if its the US, Russia, China, Tanzania, Germany, Netherlands...or Canada.  No country bashing or you're out.  Discuss the issue.  Ridicule the policy or decision, but no country bashing.  Its a pet peeve of mine.

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