Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We have a Deputy Commandant for Aviation, now its time to have a Deputy Commandant for Ground Combat Element.

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via Marine Corps Times.
Marine Lt. Gen. Glenn Walters has been nominated to serve as the next assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Tuesday.
Walters, a career aviator who currently serves as the deputy commandant for Marine Corps Programs and Resources, was also tapped to receive a fourth star. If confirmed by the Senate, Walters will replace Gen. John Paxton Jr. as the Marine Corps' second-highest ranking officer and 33rd assistant commandant.
A Cobra pilot by trade, Walters has served with a host of helicopter and test squadrons. He was the first commanding officer of Marine Operational and Evaluation Squadron 22 and has served as the assistant deputy commandant for Marine Corps Aviation. He was not immediately available for comment on the nomination.
Awesome.  We suffered thru an Aviator as Commandant and now we have to suffer thru having another one as Assistant Commandant.

I remember asking when I was a devil pup, why Aviation had a Deputy Commandant but the Infantry didn't.  I was told since the Commandant and Assistant Commandant were Infantry Officers then it wasn't necessary.  Infantry had its advocate sitting in the biggest chair in the Marine Corps.

Time moves forward and "tradition" has been discarded.


But if we're gonna toss tradition then its time to reshuffle the deck chairs.  The Commandant (from outside appearances) has too much going on to look out for the needs of the Ground Combat Element.  The evidence of this is staring you in the face.  Aviation has consumed an even larger portion of the budget than at any point in Marine Corps history (oh and if you want to argue percentages then that also applies).

Furthermore there are pressing issues that have yet to be addressed.  Tanks is reduced to almost non-existence.  Are we going to keep them, upgrade them or move to a "mobile gun system" based on the ACV.  LAV Battalions are still caught in a no man's land in Marine Corps doctrine.  Ground based air defense needs to be moved out of the Wing and made part of Regiment so that it can deploy and maneuver with the ground force that its suppose to protect when leakers get thru.  Artillery needs to be revitalized, rationalized and given more HIMARS, M-777s and 120mm mortars.

The list goes on.

Yeah.  If the SecNav wants to toss tradition fine, but  he needs to give the ground force of the Marine Corps an advocate just like aviation.

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