Friday, June 03, 2016

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Upgrade...too conservative, too mild...

via DefenseNews.
BAE Systems has teamed with General Dynamics UK and several other industry partners to compete in a program to breathe new life into the British Army’s Challenger 2 main battle tank fleet.
The companies said they have joined with Leonardo-Finmeccanica, Moog Inc., QinetiQ and Safran Electronics in a partnership called Team Challenger 2 to respond to a British Ministry of Defence (MoD) request for proposals to undertake a life extension program on the tank.
The British extended the out-of-service date of the tank by 10 years to 2035 in last year’s strategic defense and security review, and the planned life extension program is required mainly to address obsolescence issues on the aging vehicle, although there is the possibility to install some capability enhancements.
With the names involved in Team Challenger 2, I expected something a bit more substantial.  What we're getting is too conservative, too mild to be competitive in 5 years much less out to 2035.

What is the British Army thinking?

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