Friday, June 03, 2016

Female Trump supporter assaulted. Where were the male supporters?

There is so much wrong in the above video.  First our politics have devolved into this type of nonsense.  Second, this was predictable.  Trump opponents were assaulted at first, now its the supporters turn.  No one could see this coming?  The next step will be shootings.  Am I being chicken little?  Nope.  When you see mob action like this you're gonna get a response.  Unless SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE dials this down then you're gonna see people get shot at American Political Rallies!

Last.  A woman can be assaulted for wearing a political t-shirt?  Where were the so called patriotic male Trump supporters?  Why didn't someone step up to protect her from that drama?

Is this the current state of Manhood in America?  Have feminist actually achieved their dream?

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