Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DHS Sec says gun control is now part of Homeland Security.

Simple question.

Do you trust the Federal Govt to do the right thing?

I don't.

I don't trust them to tie their own shoes in the morning much less become "deciders" on whether or not I can exercise a right.  This should be a HUGE issue for people.  The response to this incident is becoming mind numbing.  Rallies where people talk about love conquering hate.  Talking points about how we need to talk to terrorist to keep them from hurting Americans.  I've even heard talk of the govt working with Facebook and other social media to more carefully monitor Americans!

All that and they're talking gun control too!  I don't get it.  No one wants to face the terrible fact.  We have tried to fight a war without actually fighting it.  What did the idiot Bush Jr tell the American people to do right after 9/11?  He told Americans that were ready to roll up their sleeves and get in the fight to go shopping!  Today, we hear people saying that the way to defeat terrorism is to "continue to live your lives".

They're essentially telling people to hide their heads in the sand while the wolf is at the door.

This is why we could lose.  This is why we will get hit again.  Over half our citizens refuse to see reality.  We're at war and you can't talk your way out of this fight.  You either stand your ground or you submit.  Those are the only options.

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