Saturday, June 18, 2016

FINALLY getting this World of Tanks thing down!

Finally getting this World of Tanks thing.  The dirty secret?  Don't do jack shit during the first two minutes of the game (pretty easy in a slow tank like the T54E1).  The next thing is to play TD style.  When I set up to snipe instead of trying to brawl the damage sky rocketed.  Last thing?  Don't underestimate crew skills.  You're gonna be garbage until you get at least three (for me that is).

Speaking of crew skills.  Check out my T69 skill crew!  If I didn't suck for the past two years I'd have decent stats.  As it is I'm at 48.19 and too stubborn to rename so I can start all over again.

Last thing.  I love my autoloaders but they're so damn expensive to run!

PS.  Just got my mark of excellence on the T54E1....time to pop open that bottle .... its afternoon somewhere!

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