Saturday, June 18, 2016

Getting real about terrorism.

I can't let this go so let's dig in.  This talk about controlling "weapons of war" and "disarming hate" is just feel good legislation.

Terrorism will flourish unless our political leaders get serious about the threat.  You can't be serious and admit all kinds of unvetted  refugees into your country.  You can't be serious if your only solution is to restrict firearms in a nation with a history of their use AND that has millions of them floating around.

What happens when a terrorist uses common hunting rifles in a replay of the DC sniper attack?  What about stealing a fuel truck and setting it off in a residential area?  How about messing with the tracks and derailing a passenger train in the Northeast corridor?  Hijacking a Greyhound bus and driving it off a ravine or simply shotgunning everyone on it?  What about doing the same with a school bus?

Chain all the doors to a building and set fire to it?  Kidnap the families of local officials and killing them live on Facebook, YouTube or some other type of social media?

We're going to have to do the "hard thing" and get serious about this threat.  One week of prolonged terrorist activity by a trained cell could freeze not only the economy, crash the stock market and cause the govt to implement martial law....but it could fundamentally change every aspect of our way of life.

Its past time to get real.  The Senate vote on Monday isn't seriousness.  Its about making soccer mommy feel good (along with emasculated daddies).

Debate.  I'm sitting this one out.  I feel too passionately about the issue to add anything relevant to the conversation.

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